Our recommended automated trader vs TsuBot - Tsunami Trading software

Did you know that 90% of all stock traders will lose money in the stock markets? Did you also know that most stock traders use subjective methods of trading, using a little bit of this indicator with a little bit of that indicator, sprinkled with a little bit of Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, trend lines, moving averages and pivots? Some even claim to be successful trading using the phases of the Moon and its relationship to Uranus! There are certainly gurus and hedge fund managers out there that are successfully trading the markets, but the bigger question we have for you is, "Can you duplicate their results in real-time taking a weekend course learning perfect price patterns and setups?" "Can they teach you their methods?"

Why do your trades and trading results differs so much from that of the so-called gurus and experts?

Most can't duplicate these experts as they probably have a big team of analysts and are relying on intuition and years of experience in the market. Most traders do not survive long enough to develop. Can they teach intuition? Can you purchase experience? The answer to these 2 questions is usually NO on both counts, hence the 90% losing statistic.

Now imagine this scenario: You fire up your computer and start up our recommended fully automated trading software. It analyzes all the parameters of the market for you and then does it ALL for you; opening the trade, managing it and then closing it. Other programs, like TsuBot - Tsunami Trading software, "call out right through your computer's speakers when its time to take a trade" which means that you HAVE to be there ALL DAY - EVERY DAY - unlike a good robotic trading software program..

Some automated traders define for you whether to buy or whether to sell, and what the price targets you should use, and lets you know when you have reached your profit targets, "ChaChing- Your Profit Target Has Been Hit!" BUT YOU have to make the trade manually.

Our recommended trading software buys and sells the stock automatically - All hands off! No intervention required.

Tsunami Trading semi-automated software does not!

Our recommended automated trader reads what moves all markets in real-time, which is Price Volume and Momentum. A human simply cannot keep up with the millions of calculations that a good automated trader performs in milliseconds! Our recommended automated trader will analyze six markets for you, world-side, and 100% objectively and unemotionally BUY or SELL FOR YOU, all trading opportunities!

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