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 Buy and Hold Stocks vs. Automated Trading  

Some say the stock market is too risky, but that's mainly for the buy and hold strategy.

CNBC, Market Watch, Forbes, Kiplinger, Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, The Street, Mark Cuban and others say that buy and hold is dead.

Lubos Pastor of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and his colleagues have recently documented that buy and hold may never have been a viable investment strategy.

Yahoo! Finance's article entitled Is the Buy & Hold Stock Strategy Officially Dead? says, "True liquidity has not come back and the pros and high frequency traders [that could be you] rule the world," said Brian Stutland of Stutland Volatility Group. "Plus, if the average person ever comes back, then they won't have time to play all day long back and forth in the market. So, maybe buy and hold really is dead."

FORBES says "Stocks for the Long Run? A Bad Idea"

A RICH LIFE has an article, Why Buy and Hold Investing Can Never Work that says "There is no logical case that can be made in defense of the Buy-and-Hold concept today"

Barry Ritholtz says,"Buy and Hold Is Dead (And Never Worked in the 1st Place)"

Street smart Finance says, "The Buy and Hold Strategy Can Kill Your Portfolio"

Street smarts learn their lessons from the trenches. "If you are a buy and hold investor, beware!"

People ask, can you give me your experience using a robotic or automated trader?

I can tell you this!

You could have bought 100 shares of 3M and held it for 5 years and you would have made just $413
or use our recommended automated trader to trade that same stock over the same 5 years and earn an astounding $29,045.72

You would have made a little more than that, by buying and holding Apple for 5 years but you could
have made a shocking $132,221.44 allowing
our recommended
automated trader to trade the same stock for
the same 5 years!

Ditto for IBM. Hold for 5 years for a profit of $7,839 or use our recommended automated trader to amass a
cool $56,926.36 in the same period!

A good software program waits until the rules are met, then it will automatically buy,
manage and sell for you.